Pioneers in the introduction of new categories on foreign markets and a new style of communication, TESY offered the first category of Slim water heaters on the Ukrainian market and the first TV advertising of a water heater in Europe.

      The innovative spirit of our team develops patented solutions that earn the loyalty of our customers and the recognition of the world. Two new categories have been added to TESY’s portfolio: high-volume water heaters and electric convectors, and the existing range of electric water heaters was expanded with the "Anticalc" (dry heater) products, instantaneous hot water and low-volume water heaters.

    By purchasing 2 new factories and modernizing the production, applying the world's best manufacturing technologies, the company doubled its production capacity. In collaboration with TESY’s engineers and the Italian design studio Advetimes, the emblematic series BiLight electric water heaters was created, which became the company's best-seller product.