In line with the latest tendencies for innovative, time and energy saving, easy to use appliances. The engineers of TESY designed a new family of products with control via Internet - TESY Cloud. Realizing the demand for innovative, reliable and timesaving appliances, TESY created its newest series of electrical water heaters - TESY Modeco Cloud. Through the mobile app tesyCloud, the control of domestic appliances has become simple, fast and efficient. Using it means actual control at any time and from any place.
TESY Cloud brings the user a number of benefits, namely:

- easy and intuitive connection and control of the appliances; 

- low electricity costs on account of the precise programming and control of the electric appliance; 

- option for interconnection and control of a group of appliances, e.g. electric water heaters and electric panel convectors;

The products from the TESY Cloud family offer and satisfy multiple needs, thus improving the quality of life. They don't look for, but rather offer solutions. A huge part of TESY's technological vision are the concrete innovation strategies in fields where the company is abreast of cutting edge technology and leads the way. One such field is the Internet of things, which offers a number of engineering solutions for the remote control of electric appliances and the introduction of new functionalities.


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