TESY took part in the “My Success Cloud” business forum

TESY took part in the “My Success” Business Forum, organized by “Enterprise” magazine, which since 2010 has led and brought together a series of good practice forums from the leading Bulgarian companies – “For Your Success – Practical Experience by Top Managers in Bulgaria “. The theme that gathered all the key Bulgarian companies, including TESY, was Cloud Computing, IoT, and beyond: Business 4.0 – Tendencies and Innovation in the Connected World. During the event, experts from the technology, communications and cyber security industry commented on the latest trends in cloud transformation, communications in the field of innovation, artificial intelligence, automation and data protection.

The main focus of the topic presented by Anita Stoyanova – Product manager,  Business unit “Electric water heaters” in TESY, was the challenges for manufacturers with the entry of IoT (“Internet of Things”), sharing with the audience that the main ones that companies encounter during the development and marketing of the so-called smart products are both technological and related to the business environment and to the market. Technologically, they include protection and back-up of information, the cloud-based product link, and the availability of a reliable IT infrastructure partner, but also a human resource within the company that can respond in a timely manner. Business challenges, in turn, affect the possibility of product realization on the market:  to be price-effective, and at the same time reliable.

As emerging trends, from a business perspective, the experts have identified cloud decentralization, much of the computing power is exported to the consumer. The information which has to be processed is divided into portions in small clouds. The goal is, on one hand, not to load the cloud, and on the other to reduce the time it takes to get all the data to it.

If we look at the market and customer attitudes, the trends are increasingly focused on purchasing ready-made programs and integrating them into different devices rather than buying services. This, as well as the previous practice, will turn the software vendors at the moment into cloud consultants.