Warmth for your homes with the smart and energy-efficient solutions of TESY

The beginning of September marks the end of the summer and the approaching of the autumn. Along with the inevitable temperature drop, the thoughts of the warm and cozy home are increasingly put on the agenda. Therefore, the choosing of the way we will be heating our homes is an extremely important and responsible task. There are a number of factors, which must be taken into consideration: from the type and the size of the room, the position of the home (an apartment in the middle or in the end), through the direction, in which it is oriented (North/South or East/West), to the structure of the building (prefabricated panels, bricks, etc.). The choice of an appliance for the household shall also take into account the subsequent costs – the energy efficiency of the heating appliance, as well as by whom it will be used. Here comes the inevitable question: How to integrate all those conditions into one appliance, so as to choose the best heating solution?

The good news is that one of the most successful and innovative companies in Europe, TESY, offers heating appliances that are suitable for every style, taste, budget and lifestyle.

In recent times, increasing numbers of people are choosing the convector as a heating option. The appliance is heating the room, in which it is mounted, counting on the natural air flow caused by its heating. The free air draught that the convectors create is very light and almost absent as compared to the air flow of the ordinary fan heaters or air-conditioners. The warm air is going upwards, while the cool air enters into the openings in the lower part of the appliance and heats up, using minimum energy. The appliance transforms into heat 100 % of the energy consumed.

The electric panel convectors ensure faster room heating and lower energy costs. TESY offers two product series (ConvEco and HeatEco), which incorporate the current Cloud technologies. The engineers of the company created panel convectors, which may be controlled via an internet connection from every point of the world – using a computer via every internet browser at the address mytesy.com, or using a mobile device with the free application tesyCloud.

Besides the providing for the full control over the operation and the energy consumption, the models supplied with an electronic thermoregulator, to mention ConvEco and HeatEco, are saving much more energy than the mechanic thermoregulator models.

The main advantages of ConvEco and HeatEco consist in the fact that they are heating the room much faster, they are noiseless, have a reliable anti-frost system and may be mounted in bathrooms. The models of TESY are also supplied with a special grille enabling convection at a speed of 1.18 m/s. The design of those electric panel convectors guarantees the optimum convection by finding the right ratio between the heater, the volume of the convector body and the space around the heater.

The oil-filled radiators are among the most efficient household electric heating appliances. TESY offers two product series – CC and CB. Depending on the model, these can be used to heat rooms of up to 32 sq. m. The great advantage of TESY’s models is the design of the fins of the oil-filled radiators.

If a smaller room needs to be heated, you can also count on the fan heaters, which are marketed in several modifications – for floor, wall-mounting and bathroom use. It is however compulsory to know that the fan heater cannot be used as the main heating appliance; it rather has ancillary functions.

If you are looking for a more esthetic and non-standard solution, the product range of TESY also offers a wall-mounted electric fireplace, which will make your home cozier and more elegant.

With the whole diversity of models and appliances, TESY facilitates the choice of the most appropriate appliance, offering a product advisor – calculator, where you can enter the parameters of the room to be heated. The advisor is available on the website of the company – tesy.com.

It shall necessarily be pointed out that TESY is the first manufacturer on the domestic market, whose panel convectors, oil-filled radiators and the whole range of heating appliances fully comply with the latest energy efficiency regulations.

Source: “Nash dom” Magazine