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TESY Cloud

TESY Cloud is an innovative technology allowing you to operate your devices anywhere all over the world. It is incorporated in appliances with built-in Wi-Fi module, connected to your home wireless network. 

tesyCloud is a software mobile application available for any device with a web browser or smartphone/tablet on Android or iOS operating system.


Weekly programmer 24h/7d and Adaptive Start

It allows the convector to be set up for every half an hour during the day, 24 hours / 7 days of the week.

It uses minimum power consumption to reach better thermal comfort of the heated area. After 96 hours of self-learning, the convector can determine when to turn on itself in order to reach the user’s set-point temperature at the desired time.

Energy consumption calculator

Using the embedded calculator for consumed power you can track the energy costs for a specific period of time.

Thermostat calibration

This function is typical for the highest class appliances and provides great temperature comfort and energy savings. When mounted on a colder wall or under a window, the temperature shown on the display can be different from the measured temperature in the other parts of the room. If the difference is ±4°C, the user can adjust the displayed temperature in the convector menu.

Open window

Function which improves the heating appliance’s energy efficiency and automatically shuts off the thermal power, in case it detects an open window or a viscous drop in the room temperature within a certain time period. When the room temperature increases, the convector turns on by itself.

Keyboard lock / children protection

The keyboard can be locked for "child protection". It prevents changing the settings of the convector.

Energy efficiency of the electric panel convectors Conveco Cloud

Desde 1 de janeiro de 2018, a Comissão Europeia estabeleceu requisitos mínimos para os seguintes produtos relacionados com energia e rotulagem CE.

Cada tipo de convector para instalação fixa deve atender aos requisitos mínimos para eficiência energética sazonal de Ns = 38%.
Os convectores de painel elétrico Conveco Cloud têm a maior eficiência energética sazonal de 40%. Isto é o que deve ser feito com o ERP incorporado: Termostato eletrónico com o programador semanal, Janela aberta, Inicialização adaptável e Controlo via internet.

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