The new TESY augmented reality app was developed to help anyone from interior designers to end customers choosing the most suitable electric panel convector for their needs and according to the interior’s specifics. In a few easy steps, anyone can choose a particular model from the Product catalogue and place it with its real look and dimensions at the desired spot on a wall. The AR app makes the decision making faster and easier, once it is seen how the appliance will fit in the space and in the interior of the room. There will be no more unpleasant surprises with picking wrong dimensions or design of a convector.

The application’s functionalities include switching from wall installation to floor-standing version of the product or placing two or more appliances in the environment at the same time to compare them. Each product goes with detailed product information like its nominal power, heating area coverage and the specific appliance’s functionalities and advantages.

The application works in another direction too – it helps the user choose the most suitable electric panel convector for their needs, thanks to the built-in product advisor. After choosing the heating area for which a panel convector is needed, and ticking the functionalities that are important for the user, the tool will provide the available options for a proper heating appliance, based on this input.

With the launch of the augmented reality app, TESY once again proves that innovations and modern technologies are in the company’s DNA and not only when it comes to product development, but it is also with regard to the experience that it is delivered to the customers. In a nutshell, TESY is a pioneer of digital transformation in the sector, thereby setting new standards of innovation.

 All this, combined with the company’s strive of making people’s life easier is what moves it forward.

TESY AR app is free and available for download in Google Play and AppStore and at this point it features the range of electric heating appliances. Future updates with including the electric water heating range are ahead.