8 June 2016, The implementation of a major EURO 1 million investment project to upgrade facilities in the factories of TESY Ltd. entitled "TESY Goes Greener" is completed. The project is realized with 30% financial support from the Kingdom of Norway.


The event for presentation of the project resuts in Shumen was attended by the Norwegian AmbassadorinBulgaria Ms. Guro Katharina Vikør, Norwegian Ambassador in Romania, Ms. Tove Bruvik Westberg, Deputy Mayors of Shumen, Mr. Boyan Todorov and Mrs. Svetlana Markova, as well as representatives from the state agency Innovation Norway from Poland and Romania.


The main objectives of the project are the implementation in the production of innovative equipment and technologies to achieve energy-efficient processes and improvement of the working conditions. The responsible attitude towards the environment is a priority for TESY, as it is expressed not only in the use of high-tech machinery and equipment, but also in the design and implementation in production of electric water heaters with high energy class and low energy losses. 

TESY`s engineers have created and developed an innovative technology INSUTECH for even insulation distribution, with a high density and thickness, based on environment friendly, CFC and HCFC free, PU formula. One of the main requirements for implementation of INSUTECH is the stable temperature of the production environment which can be achieved by the implementation of the TESY Goes Greener project. TESY implemented centralized energy monitoring system. Its role is in the continuous and detailed recording and analyzing of the energy consumption data in various production areas on which engineers optimize daily energy losses and have the opportunity to find new solutions to increase the efficiency of the processes.

Among the main aspects of the TESY development is the investment in new equipment and optimization of production processes. New energy efficient compressors for saving the production processes and natural gas fired furnace for glass ceramic coating of the electric water heaters were installed.Among the benefits are the better control, possibility for energy optimization of the electrical load and fine adjustment of the pressure according the demand and lower it as much as possible. The investments in the TESY Goes Greener project help reducing the number of production waste with up to 90%. Costs for heating and air conditioning of production areas are reduced by 70% while at the same time working conditions are improved.

Project "TESY Goes Greener" is implemented with the financial support of the Government of Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 in the frame of Programme Area BG 10 – Green Industry Innovation. Programme Operator is the state agency "Innovation Norway" to the Norwegian Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Fisheries. The motto of the programme is "Good for business - good for the environment."

The project is in line with the guidelines of the European Union on investing in "green" technologies and lower energy consumption, as well as with the national strategy of Bulgaria and Shumen`s regional strategy for reducing the use of energy resources and increasing employment.