TESY has won three awards at the annual Forbes Business Awards, organized by the Forbes magazine.

For 2018, the company was awarded the prestigious first place in one of the most challenged categories, namely Business Development. TESY once again has been granted this recognition and by doing so the company strengthened its leadership positions both in the domestic and international markets. By means of development and implementation of innovative devices providing the possibility for remote control via Internet, the implementation of state-of-the-art technology, export and sales in 54 countries, TESY has become definitely an example of a successful company.

 "How many of you are using TESY devices? Speaking of business development, I see a lot of potential being present in this hall – revealed in terms of a joke to the audience Emmanuel Totev, Director Sales, Marketing & Logistics in TESY – In order to generate a sense of pride for you as Bulgarian citizens, I shall share something with you: For 3 years we have doubled our turnover and we have been aiming to do the same in the course of the following 3 years. Several million households have received and used our appliances. And we went even beyond that. We changed the regular trend of importing Chinese products into Europe and started exporting heating appliances to China. And we are performing the foregoing activity in a successful manner. Thank you!"

One of the most special awards, namely "Employee of the Year", has been granted once again to the innovative company, distinguishing first of all the long-time employee, Eng. Kostadin Borisov. He has been a member of TESY team since 2000, having been holding different job positions in several departments of the company over the years, and is currently the Head of the Standards and Quality Management Department - He is also the only Bulgarian member participating in group TC59x / WG4 Water heaters to CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization). The work of the foregoing Group is related to the development of new standards related to the determination of the characteristics of the water heaters and amendments to existing standards at European level.

 "I am very happy and proud to receive this recognition. Thank you. I would like to extend my gratitude to all my colleagues at TESY, with whom we have been implementing the path to new horizons related to optimized changes, innovation and good solutions to the end customers over the course of more than 20 years, "Kostadin Borisov said in his thank-you speech of appreciation.

 TESY was among the finalists in the category "Customer Policy", where the company won third place during the ceremony.