BelliSlimo, TESY's new electric water heater is a piece of art mix of intelligent high-tech advantages and exclusive Italian design. Produced in Bulgaria on the modern lines of TESY, the appliance provides true comfort to the user thanks to its reliable construction and smart functions. BelliSlimo incorporates a number of innovative and patented TESY solutions that make it possible to achieve the highest class B of energy efficiency, easy control, control via Internet, last but not least, compact size and aesthetic vision.

BelliSlimo achieves the highest possible energy efficiency class for electric water heaters in its category - class B, thanks to the ECO SMART function. Just by touching one single button, the appliance is ready to learn the habits of the user, providing warm water as much and exactly when needed while saving time and energy.

All models of the BelliSlimo family have a unique Italian design that offers a modern look, extremely thin silhouette and compact size. BelliSlimo can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, in a visible place in the bathroom or even in a kitchen cabinet, for example, depending on the space available and the user’s preferences.

BelliSlimo Cloud is a model of the BelliSlimo family and part of the TESY Cloud family, which includes next-generation products with control via the Internet. The appliance can be switched on, programmed and fully controlled through the tesyCloud intuitive mobile application anytime anywhere in the world, providing real-time data and the ability to track power consumption for a set amount of time.