• ERP A+
  • Optional connections to solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
  • Minimum and maximum temperature of the incoming air:( at 90% R.H): +4 up to +43 ⁰ C
  • Operation modes - Automatic / Economy / Rapid heating   
  • Automatic defrost system.   
  • Anti-Legionellae disinfection cycle
  • Low noise levels   
  • Highly efficient rotary compressor   
  • Eco friendly refrigerant  
  • COP 2.8 – 3.1 according to EN16147  Indoor 20 ⁰c  
  • High quality of the materials (e.g. the external cover in PVC can easily replaced in case of damage; high quality tank with 3mm thickness, butt welding, enameling according UNI standards, two sacrificial anodes for the 260 liters and 200 liters versions with additional coil)
  • No need for special accessories to assemble the pipes for the air intake and outlet
  • Digital input to store surplus energy produced by the photovoltaic system
  • Possibility to work with timeslots in order to concentrate the energy consumption when the electricity costs less
Capacity 200 L
Energy class A+
Maximum working pressure 7 bar
Diameter 600 mm
HP thermal power yield 1.6 kW
Heating time 07:16 h:min
Declared load profile L
Electric heating element power 1.5 kW
HP maximum absorption 0.5 kW
Min. ÷ max temperature heat pump air intake (90% R.H.) 4÷43 °C
Frequency 50 Hz
Annual electricity consumption in kWh under average climate conditions 929 kWh
Power supply 1/N/230 V
Compressor Rotary
Min. ÷ max temperature installation site 4÷43 °C
Compressor protection Thermal circuit breaker with automatic reset
Average consumption 0.37 kW
Maximum current in HP 2.3 A
Thermodynamic circuit protection type Safety pressure switch with automatic reset
Required overload protections 16A T fuse/ 16 A automatic switch characteristic C (to be expected during installation on power supply systems)
Fan Centrifugal
HP Maximum settable temperature 56 °C
Internal protection Single safety thermostat with manual reset on a resistive element
Nominal air capacity 350 m³/h
Max. pressure head available 100 Pa
Motor protection Internal thermal circuit breaker with automatic reset
Condenser Wrapped externally not in contact with water
Coil for connection to solar thermal power system N/A m²
Coil for connection to an auxiliary heating source N/A m²
Transport weight 90 kg
Sound power Lw (A) 59 dB(A)
Automatic anti-Legionnella disinfection cycle YES
Minimum height of the premise 1751 mm