• DOUBLE HIGH OUTPUT HEAT EXCHANGER increases the efficiency of low-temperature heat sources.
  • Decreased hydraulic resistance (pressure drop) of the heat exchanger with a larger diameter of the inlet
    and outlet on G1 1/2. (160 L model with inlets/outlets on G1).
  • Heat exchangers with large surfaces for connection to heat pump or condensing gas boiler systems.
  • Suitable to operation with low temperature heat sources.
  • High quality ENAMEL COATING with TESY CrystalTech PRO technology.
  • MAGNESIUM ANODES PROTECTION of the inner tank surface for extended product life.
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT INSULATION for minimal heat losses for models up to 500 L.
Capacity 269 L
Net weight 118 kg
Insulation 50 mm
Heat exchanger surface S1 1.00 m²
Heat exchanger surface S2 2.45 m²
Heat exchanger capacity S1 6.00 L
Heat exchanger capacity S2 14.70 L
Heat losses ∆T 45K 68 W
Energy class B
operational temperature
95 °C
Maximum operational temperature of the heat exchanger 110 °C
Rated pressure of the water tank 8 bar
Rated pressure of the heat exchanger 6 bar
Diameter 650 mm
Heat exchanger surface S1/2 1/2.45
Heat exchanger capacity S1/2 6/14.7 L