Router()->add('products', '/produse/:category/:serie/:line', array('controller'=>'products','module'=>'products','action'=>'view','id'=>true,'page_slug'=>'/produse')); EV 13/7 S2 1000 101 DN18
  • HIGHLY EFFICIENT INSULATION compliant with latest industry regulations – ERP Class B and C
  • High quality ENAMEL COATING CrystalTech PRO
  • MAGNESIUM ANODES PROTECTION of the inner tank surface for extended product life:
    TWO MG+ anodes for models from 160 L to 1000 L
  • SERVICE OPENING for easy inspection and maintenance.
  • Option for INSTALLATION of different power rated HEATING ELEMENTS.
  • Thermoregulator installation pocket.
  • Pockets for thermo sensors.
Capacity 932 L
Net weight 310 kg
Insulation 100 mm
Heat exchanger surface S1 3.45 m²
Heat exchanger surface S2 1.31 m²
Heat exchanger capacity S1 31.3 L
Heat exchanger capacity S2 7.9 L
Heat losses ∆T 45K 143 W
Energy class C
operational temperature
95 °C
Maximum operational temperature of the heat exchanger 110 °C
Rated pressure of the water tank 8 bar
Rated pressure of the heat exchanger 6 bar
V40 - hot water delivered with a temperature of at least 40℃ (S1) 1403 L
V40 - hot water delivered with a temperature of at least 40℃ (S2) 604 L
Diameter 1050 mm