• High-quality enamel coating ensuring long operating life
  • Highly efficient PU insulation
  • Efficient anode protection
  • Service flange for easy inspection of the appliance
  • Option for installation of an electric heating element
  • Option for installation of a thermal regulator
  • Option for installation of a thermal sensor
Capacity 394 L
Net weight 137 kg
Insulation 50 mm
Heat exchanger surface S1 1.65 m²
Heat exchanger capacity S1 10 L
Heat losses ∆T 45K 91 W
Energy class C
operational temperature
95 °C
Rated pressure of the water tank 8 bar
Rated pressure of the heat exchanger 6 bar
V40 - hot water delivered with a temperature of at least 40℃ (S1) 596.7 L
Diameter 750 mm
Minimum height of the premise 1596 mm