IHWTs for Solar/Boiler systems in parallel mode

Product code   Capacity Energy class Maximum
operational temperature
EV 9S+13S 200 60 187 L B 95 °C 600 mm Details
EV 13S+17S 300 65 275 L B 95 °C 650 mm Details
EV 12S+17S 400 65 372 L C 91 °C 750 mm Details
EV 12S+17S 500 75 462 L C 95 °C 750 mm Details
EV 12S+17S 400 75 462 L C 95 °C 750 mm Details
  • Helps reduce electricity costs without changing the amount of hot water
  • Effectively heats the full volume of water with two built-in heat exchangers with large surface
  • Suitable for working with two energy sources
  • Technology for efficient high density PU insulation developed to keep the water hot for longer period of time and to help reducing heat losses
  • Anode protectors for additional anti-corrosion protection of the water tank
  • CrystalTech PRO: High-quality enamel coating that promotes longer life
  • Robotic welding technology that achieves quality welding
  • Option to install different in power stainless steel heating elements
  • Service opening for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Recirculation opening

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