Anticalc Slim

Product code   Model Real Volume Rated power Diameter    
GCV 3035 16D B14 TBRC Anticalc Slim 30 30 L 1600/800 W 353 mm Details
GCV 5038 16D B14 TBRC Anticalc Slim 50 V / С class 50 L 1600/800 W 386 mm Details
GCV 8038 24D B14 TBRC Anticalc Slim 80 / Energy class C 80 L 2400/1200 W 386 mm Details

The electric water heaters of the Anticalc Slim series have been developed with a diameter of just 35 or 38 cm enabling their installation in very narrow spaces. The Anticalc heating element works at low surface temperature, which limits the deposition of lime scale. The range offers models with storage capacity of 30 to 80 litres.

  • INSUTECH - an in-house TESY technology for highly efficient insulation and extremely low heat losses
  • Option for choosing between two degrees of electric power
  • ECO position of the external regulator for cost efficient and prolonged operation
  • 3 light indicators for recognition of the work modes
  • Freeze protection
  • Glass-ceramic coating for corrosion protection
  • Plasma-arc welding of the water tank for extended useful life

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