• Easy installation and connection of the water heater to the MyTESY app
• Easy control of the water heater anywhere, anytime
• Real-time access and monitoring of the water heater
• Energy consumption control through the energy calculator
DOUBLE TANK: Two water tanks with separate heating elements
WORK ON DEMAND MODE: BelliSlimo Dry thinks for you and calculates by itself the time required for your water to heat up just on time
ENERGY EFFICIENT: In the highest possible in its range - Energy class B
REVERSIBLE: Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
ECO SMART MODE: Self-training and self-management
REVERSE COUNTER: Counts down until the electric water heaters reach the desired temperature
Range 50-100l

Model BelliSlimo Cloud 50
Real Volume 40 L
Height 0.704 m
Width 0.490 m
Rated power 1200/2200 W
Depth 0.280 m
Heating time Δt 45K (15 - 60°C) 1:20 h:min
Control via internet yes
Annual consumption of electricity AEC 1241 kWh
Energy class B
V40 80/70 L
Tout of the box 79 °C
MAX40 80/70 L