MaxEau Hybrid

Product code   Model Real Volume Rated power Diameter    
GCV 2005624C D06 S2RCH MaxEau Hybrid 200 200 L 1200/2400 W 560 mm Details

MaxEau Hybrid is a 200 litres electric water heater with extra protection for longer product life. The hybrid technology combines the benefits of a classic magnesium anode and a titanium powered anode.

Upgraded protection against corrosion and lime scale:

Titanium anode:

  • Powered by electricity
  • As long as the water heater is plugged in, it works as the default
  • Not backed up by battery

Magnesium anode:

  • Backs up the titanium anode whenever there is no power
  • Only activated if titanium anode is not working
  • Estimated to last for one year of continuous usage

Suitable for any type of water: The double anode works equally well in soft and hard water

Insulation that keeps water warm for longer:

  • 40 mm thickness - highest amongst TESY water heaters
  • INSUTECH technology – high density and lack of thermal bridge for extremely low heat losses

Extended life of the water tank thanks to the reliable CrystalTech enamel coating and plasma welding technology

Light indication in different colours and intensity notifies the user of the different work regimes in order to improve their experience and optimise the product’s operation.

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