• Remote control with or without Internet
    o   Control via Internet through tesyCloud app
    o   Full device management with Indoor control
  • Optimised SMART mode keeps track of your habits and monthly statistics even when turned off
  • Extra protection for longer product life: An alert activates if there is no water in the tank
  • Ultimate hygiene for your safety and comfort: Automatic Antilegionella setting neutralises germs by heating the water up to 65 ºC once a week
  • Energy class B
  • ECO SMART mode
  • Warranty 7 years
  • Built-in dry ceramic heater for protection against limescale and for silent operation
  • Touch control panel and LCD display
Model ModEco Cloud 100
Real Volume 100 L
Rated power 2400 W
Heating time Δt 45K (15 - 60°C)**80°C 2:10 h:min
Annual consumption of electricity AEC 1238 kWh
Energy class B
Height 0.985 m
Width 0.470 m
Depth 0.496 m
Diameter 470 mm
Mounting Vertical
Control via internet yes
Load profile M
V40 171 L
Tout of the box 70 °C
MAX40 188 L