Router()->add('products', '/produse/:category/:serie/:line', array('controller'=>'products','module'=>'products','action'=>'view','id'=>true,'page_slug'=>'/produse')); AquaThermica Compact 100

Capacity 98 L
Refrigerant R513 a g
Energy class A+
Maximum working pressure 8 bar
Height 1351 mm
Diameter 541 mm
Heating time 7:04 h:min
Declared load profile M
Min. ÷ max temperature heat pump air intake (90% R.H.) -5 ÷ 43 °C
Frequency 50 Hz
Power supply 1/N/220-240 V
Compressor Rotary
Min. ÷ max temperature installation site 4 ÷ 40 °C
Compressor protection Thermal circuit breaker with automatic reset
Fan Centrifugal
HP Maximum settable temperature 60 [70] °C
Motor protection Internal thermal circuit breaker with automatic reset
Condenser Wrapped externally not in contact with water
Transport weight 70 kg
Automatic anti-Legionnella disinfection cycle YES
CoP (DHW) 3.4
Refrigerant R513 a
Refrigerant charge 760 g
CO2 equivalent (CO2e) 0.480
Volume of mixed water at 40º / V40 (EN 16147:2017 - A7/W55) 135 L