AquaThermica with a heat exchanger

Product code   Capacity Diameter Minimum height of the premise    
AquaThermica 200 S 194 L 630 mm 1785 mm Details
AquaThermica 260 S 251 L 630 mm 2055 mm Details

AquaThermica with a heat exchanger is an air-to-water heat pump water heater for domestic hot water. The AquaThermica range includes models with volumes of 200 and 260 liters with a heat exchanger.

·        It is an environmentally friendly product, operating with renewable energy sources resulting in lower CO2 emissions[1].

·        The highest energy efficiency class A+ in its category, according to ErP regulations.

·        Operates within a wide temperature range of the incoming air starting from -10° C to 43 °C.

·        Heats up water to 65° C with the heat pump only.

·        Electric heating element for faster heating up and reaching of higher temperature of 75 °C

·        Highly efficient[2] with a precisely balanced refrigerant cycle due to an electronically commutated motor and an electronic expansion valve.  

·        Up to 75% lower electricity consumption[3].

·        Can be connected to other renewable energy sources like PV and solar systems or boilers.

·        Programmable with an user friendly control panel

·        Automatic anti-legionella cycle

·        Self-diagnostic system
[1] According to the European Market and Statistical Report on the European Heat Pump Association 2018.
[2] AquaThermica is in Energy efficiency class A+
[3] Compared to a TESY product of the MaxEau family GCV 200 56 20 D06 SRC in Energy class C

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