• For area up to 37 m²
  • Maximum power: 55 W
  • CADR (filtered air volume per hour): 310 m³/h
  • Two working modes: Auto and Sleep
  • Grey-white color combination
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Noise level: ≤ 62 dB(A)
  • Negative Ions: 1*10⁷pcs/cm³
  • Sensor: Temperature and Humidity
  • PM 2.5 Dust Sensor
  • Filter replacement indicator
  • Touch control
  • Timer mode


1. Pre-filter:
Filters dust, hair, pet fur and large floating particles. Effectively reduces problems of infants and children with itching,
rashes, redness, sneezing and runny nose.
2. Filter 3 in 1:
- HEPA main filter with a 99.98% efficiency – The function of the HEPA filter is to absorb particles – dust, pollen, fungi
spores and different kinds of bacteria. HEPA filter can not absorb particles smaller than 0.3 micron – such as chemical
evaporations, gases, some tobacco smoke particles, germs and viruses. Effective for filtering micro-particles and for
reducing headaches, bronchial asthma, nose allergies, low immunity, skin allergies.
- Activated carbon filter – Activated carbon works through a process called adsorption,
through which polluted air particles are trapped in the porous structure
of the carbon layers. This method removes odors such as: from animals, paints, cigarette smoke and more.
- Cold catalyst – absorbs and decomposes harmful gases in the air like formaldehyde and benzene.
3. Humidifying filter:
increases the filtering effectiveness of the device, by freshing up the air in the room.
4. Ionizer:
The ionizer disperses negative ions in the room in order to enhance cleaning process and at the same time it freshens up
air. Negative ions combine with dust particles in the air and fall to the floor because of their own weight (dust and ions that
have combined with it).

Maximum power 55 W
Height 0.550 m
Width 0.390 m
Depth 0.245 m
Recommend room size 37 m2