Bathroom heaters

Product code   Maximum Power For room up to Heating area    
TH01 500W W 10-15 m³ 4-6 m² Details
TH01 750W W 15-20 m³ 6-8 m² Details
GH 200 W W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details
GH 200 BW W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details
HL-249VB W W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details
HL-243VB W W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details
QH04 120 W 20-24 m³ 8-10 m² Details

TESY offers a variety of bathroom heaters including wall-mountable towel heaters, glass bathroom heaters, quartz heater and fan heaters.
A power range of up to 2000 W, covering a heating area of up to 24 m².
Models with an electronic thermoregulator for a precise temperature setting and energy saving.
Multiple energy saving and security features for a high seasonal energy efficiency and comfortable usage

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