Bathroom heaters

Product code   Maximum power For room up to Heating area    
GH 200 2000 W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details
QH 04 120 1200 W 20-24 m³ 8-10 m² Details
HL 246 VB W 2000 W 36-42 m³ 14-18 m² Details

TESY offers three models of bathroom heaters: wall-mounted glass panel heater, quartz heater and fan heater.                                                                                                                                   

The wall-mounted glass panel heater is a luxury bathroom appliance that not only heats the room but also dries towels and robes. Achieves 38% of maximum 40% Seasonal Energy Efficiency, also equipped with PIR sensor detecting human presence. All these contribute to energy savings.

The quartz heater is a classic heating appliance for bathrooms with fast action and compact size.

TESY  bathroom fan heater is a new model in our product range. Exceptionally stylish and reliable, equipped with electronic control and achieving 38% of maximum 40% Seasonal Energy Efficiency. Includes Open Window/Door and Weekly Programmer functionalities, the fan heater is outstandingly cost-efficient heating appliance.   

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