ConvEco Cloud (CN 04) with control via Internet

Product code   Maximum power For room up to Heating area    
CN04 050 EIS CLOUD W 500 W 10-15 m³ 4-6 m² Details
CN04 100 EIS CLOUD W 1000 W 20-30 m³ 8-12 m² Details
CN04 150 EIS CLOUD W 1500 W 30-45 m³ 12-18 m² Details
CN04 200 EIS CLOUD W 2000 W 40-60 m³ 16-24 m² Details
CN04 250 EIS CLOUD W 2500 W 50-70 m³ 20-28 m² Details
CN04 300 EIS CLOUD W 3000 W 60-80 m³ 24-32 m² Details

The latest generation of ConvEco electric panel convectors with control via Internet have the maximum Seasonal Energy Efficiency of 40%. This is achieved thanks to the electronic thermoregulator and ERP related functions ("smart" functions), which save energy and are easy to use. Smart functions include: Open Window/Door Detection; Adaptive Start; Temperature Sensor Correction ±4°С, Control Via Internet, Weekly Programmer 24/7.


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