LivEco Cloud (CN 051)

Product code   Maximum power For room up to Heating area    
CN 051 050 EI CLOUD W 500 W 10-15 m³ 4-6 m² Details
CN 051 100 EI CLOUD W 1000 W 20-30 m³ 8-12 m² Details
CN 051 150 EI CLOUD W 1500 W 30-45 m³ 12-18 m² Details
CN 051 200 EI CLOUD W 2000 W 40-60 m³ 16-24 m² Details
CN 051 250 EI CLOUD W 2500 W 50-70 m³ 20-28 m² Details
CN 051 300 EI CLOUD W 3000 W 60-80 m³ 24-32 m² Details

LivEco comes with an improved design with a slimmer profile, but the same robust and reliable construction for maximum safety and security
Wide range of powers – from 500 W to 3000 W, covering heating area from 4 m² to 32 m²
Intuitive internet control with the new myTESY app gives you the comfort and freedom to always be in touch with your appliance and control its operation, according to your needs and in a way to efficiently save energy.
Thanks to all its features, LivEco provides the maximum value of seasonal energy efficiency - 40%, which means that your appliance is optimizing the energy usage in the most efficient way

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