Floor standing fan heaters

Product code   Maximum power For room up to Heating area    
HL-240H 2400 W 40-50 m³ 16-20 m² Details
HL-202H 2000 W 34-39 m³ 13-16 m² Details
HL-213V 2000 W 34-39 m³ 13-16 m² Details
HL-830V PTC 3000 W 60-80 m³ 24-32 m² Details

Fan heaters are among the most commonly used heating appliances due to their small size and compact design, which make them easy to carry and convenient to use in all kinds of rooms. TESY offers both models with resistive wire and PTC  heating  elements. PTC heating element is made of metallized ceramic material. The ceramic heating element produces a powerful infrared heat radiation and air convection. The infrared radiation heats up the surrounding walls, objects and furniture, which then emit heat to the interior of the room. These appliances are cost-efficient due to the ceramic’s thermal properties allowing material resistance change according to ambient temperature changes.  This means that an appliance with rated power 1800 W, in case of reduction of the air outflow (or a defective turbine) self-regulates the output power reducing it to 145-185W depending on the ambient temperature.  

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