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BelliSlimo Electric Water Heaters

BelliSlimo is a mix of intelligent high-tech advantages and exclusive Italian design – flat slim silhouette, attainting a space-saving compact size, which ensures easy mounting according to various needs. It raises the bar as it implements next-generation technology and delivers ultimate comfort by combining, user-friendly electronic panel, control via Internet with all distinctive TESY advanced innovations.

BelliSlimo comes with two types of heating elements - Copper and Dry.
BelliSlimo Dry is suitable for hard and aggressive water.

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The engineers of TESY designed a new family of products with control via Internet - TESY Cloud. Through the mobile app tesyCloud, the control of domestic appliances has become simple, fast and efficient. Using it means actual control at any time and from any place. tesyCloud is a software mobile application available for any device with a web browser or smartphone/tablet on Android or iOS operating system.


In ECO Smart mode, the electric water heater produces its own algorithm of operation, providing you with enough hot water only when you need it. In this way, BelliSlimo guarantees the comfort of use while reducing your monthly electricity bill.

Weekly programmer

In Weekly Programmer mode you can set how the electric water heater works during the week. With the sliders, you can set the operating mode for each day of the week and for each hour of the day, according to your preferences and habits.

Vacation mode

If you plan to be away from home for more than 1 day, you can activate Vacation mode. It is enough to enter after how many days you return, the time you want to have hot water at and the amount you need. For the time you are away, the electric water heater will operate in anti-freeze mode.

Boost function

One-time heating up to the maximum temperature.

Reverse counter

Counts down until reaching the desired temperature.

Energy class B of BelliSlimo electric water heaters.

The electric water heater BelliSlimo is in Energy Class B - the highest possible class for electric water heaters over 50 liters, according to Regulation 812/2013. 
Electric water heaters available on the market have an energy efficiency label.

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