• MyTESY app

    MyTESY app

    MyTESY app provides real-time monitoring, programming and control of the water heater via Internet at any time and anywhere.


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  • ECO Smart mode

    ECO Smart mode

    The ECO Smart operating mode, thanks to the specially developed and integrated software, reduces the electricity costs without limitation to the amount of hot water or the user’s comfort.


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  • Turbolator


    The Turbolator is an element with special openings in-built along the whole length of the serpentine tube.


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  • BiLight function

    BiLight function

    Two modes of operation visualized by changing light colours


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    INSUTECH is a specially devised technology for highly-efficient insulation.


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  • Plasma welding

    Plasma welding

    State of the art Plasma welding method used for the production of the water tanks.


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  • No thermal bridge

    No thermal bridge

    Up to 16% lower energy losses due to the lack of a thermal bridge between the water tank and the mounting bracket.


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  • Compact size

    Compact size


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  • Serpentine


    In-built Serpentine


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