TESY's new initiative in response to the COVID-19 Outbreak

The full interview in Bulgarian can be found here: https://www.economic.bg/bg/news/12/biznesat-tryabva-da-pravi-ezhechasno-analizi-i-da-reagira-adekvatno-na-krizata.html Below is a translated transcript ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- At the initiative of the Zhechko Kyurkchiev brothers, Zhechko and Krasen, owners of Ficosota and TESY, the Chamber of Commerce-Shumen opened a donation account to raise funds that will be used to limit the spread[…]

Renovated design and stylish appearance of the product that guarantees perfect limescale protection by TESY - Anticalc.

The well-known pretty popular series of electric water heaters of TESY - Anticalc, developed for failsafe, long-term and reliable operation in households supplied with hard and highly mineralized and/or aggressive water, shine now with its brand new, more fashionable and stylish appearance. A team of in-house engineers representing the company[…]
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