Renovated design and stylish appearance of the product that guarantees perfect limescale protection by TESY – Anticalc.

The well-known pretty popular series of electric water heaters of TESYAnticalc, developed for failsafe, long-term and reliable operation in households supplied with hard and highly mineralized and/or aggressive water, shine now with its brand new, more fashionable and stylish appearance.

A team of in-house engineers representing the company has stylized the ergonomics and functionality of the control panel of the previously known Anticalc model, which as well is the major element of the product redesign. The brand new design accentuates and launches an exquisite appearance, with a panel providing visual sensation of lightness perception, equipped with a beautiful, completely transparent indicator reflecting the water heater’s instant operation readiness. The indicator light is red when the water heater is in heating mode and is illuminated in blue when the water is warm and ready for use.

The variety of models remains the same. Vertical, reversible and slim models with a new appearance and design – the perfect and more beautiful source of limescale protection.