Interview with Ginka Chushkova – Product manager B.U. Heating and Indirect Tanks

On Saturday (12.10.2019) on radio Shumen on the show “Payazhina” there was an interview with a special guest – Ginka Chushkova, Product manager for the Heating and Air care category. She talks about the “Trends in the design and development of hot water and heating appliances”.

Below is a transcript of the full interview.


Host: On the brink of the coming winter season, a lot of people are still looking for an optimum solution for the heating of their homes. The consumers are asking themselves lots of questions – Which appliance shall I choose? Shall it be fixed or portable? How energy efficient is it and, respectively, how is it going to affect the bills and the family budget?
Good morning to Ginka Chuskova, Product Manager Heating and Air care category of TESY, who is going to tell us more on the topic today and I believe she will answer all these questions.

G.Ch.: Good morning to you and to your audience and thank you for the invitation!

Host: What are the existing types of electric heating appliances?

G.Ch.: The choice of electric domestic heating appliances is not limited at all. As the product manager of TESY, the European leader among the manufacturers of intelligent heating and hot water solutions, I am happy to work with a diverse product portfolio. The appliances are classified on the basis of their air heating principle. Basically, we can divide them into 3 groups. These are the convectors and oil-filled radiators, fan heaters and radiant heaters, and, of course, each group has its own particularities and is a suitable solution for different conditions.

Host: Could you tell us more about each of these groups of electric heating appliances?

G.Ch.: It’s no chance that in the recent years the convector became the preferred appliance used to create warmth and domestic comfort. To heat the premises, the appliance relies on the natural air circulation. The hot air is going upwards, while the cool air is going in through the grid openings in the lower part of the appliance and is heated up. This flow is called convection, and the appliance is named after it. The best thing is that a minimum quantity of energy is used and all of it is transformed into heat.

The oil-filled radiators are functioning on a similar principle. They have a big heating surface and its surface temperature is safe. This makes them a suitable heating appliance for families with small children and pets. They are also the optimum choice for people with respiratory problems and dust allergies, because they do not swirl the air either, when they are functioning.

Host: The choice already looks quite wide. What are the particularities of the other two electric heater groups that were already mentioned?

G.Ch.: On the one hand, there are the fan heaters, which are the suitable choice for heating of a smaller room. On the other hand, there is the group of radiant heaters, which are distinguished for the high percent of infrared radiation. It is heating the bodies of people and the objects in the room, and they, in turn, are heating the air therein.

Host: Finding of a suitable heating appliance is an important step for every household. Which are the main factors for the choice of an electric heating appliance?

G.Ch.: For us, as a client-oriented company, the most important thing is to meet the needs and the expectations of our customers. The main factors that we take into account in the development of the appliances and the selection of the product portfolio, are the energy class, the reliability of the appliance and, last but not least, the design.

The energy efficiency and the raising of the energy class is an area in which TESY has long been working to create new solutions in each of its product categories. Therefore, all convectors that are designed by the company, meet the highest expectations for energy efficient appliances on the European markets.

The great advantage of TESY is that it is offering to the consumers state-of-the-art technological solutions, such as the Cloud technology for example, which enables the remote control of the appliances over the internet from every place in the world.

Thanks to this technology and to other innovations, as well as to the built-in electronic thermoregulator, the convectors of the new generation of TESY save up to 21 % of the electricity bills as compared to those with a mechanical thermoregulator. The investment for an appliance with an electronic one is returned within one heating season.

Host: Energy efficiency is the number 1 topic on a global scale; however, the security is not less important. What can we tell on this topic?

G.Ch.: That’s correct. It was not by chance that I mentioned the reliability as one of the main factors in selecting heating appliances. The electric heating appliances of TESY are equipped with different protections providing for their long life, on the one hand, and for the safety of the consumers, on the other hand.

Last, but not least, the design is also a key factor in selecting heating appliances, and it is, of course, directly associated with the functionality and quality. As far as the electric panel convectors of TESY are concerned, besides the elegant and modern look, the design and the structure also guarantee the maximum convection, thanks to the optimum ratio between the heater, the convector construction and the outflow grid shape. The design of the oil-filled radiators of the CC series, in turn, is characterized by its innovative Т-shaped fins ensuring safety and higher heat transfer.

Host: What recommendations can you make for the coming heating season?

G.Ch.: The people have to choose energy efficient and environmentally-friendly appliances. These are the appliances equipped with an electronic thermoregulator and SMART functions, which save energy and facilitate their lives in our dynamic daily round. It is extremely convenient, if the convector can self-define when to switch on, so as to heat the room and save energy, respectively, and to switch off independently, when it detects an open window. The consumers’ ability to set the operation mode of the appliance for the whole week ahead is also important for their comfort. And these are only a few of the advantages of the electronic-controlled convectors.
This is TESY!