TESY encourages talent

Tanya Peychinova, HR Director of TESY in a personal interview for CAPITAL Careers about the important role of the first job, the promotion of talent, the development of young professionals and the responsibility to be a mentor. How she finds inspiration in her work every day, maintains and develops the passion for career and personal growth in herself and in the company’s team!

1.Hello Tanya, would you like to introduce yourself briefly?

I define myself as a very energetic and quite dynamic person. I most of all enjoy being active and effective with my actions, both in my professional and personal life. I believe in kindness, good spirit and sincere smiles!

2. How long have you been in the company and what keeps you motivated at work?

I have been a part of the TESY family for four years already. Time flies by when you enjoy yourself. To me what’s most important is to work among people who are inspired, proactive, creative, dedicated and positive. It is TESY where I met such people and that makes me particularly happy. In TESY I have the opportunity to see even my bravest ideas come to live. The dynamics in the company is so high that I can discover new opportunities for professional growth for myself as well as for my colleagues on a daily basis. I love what I do and I do it with great passion!

3. How do you manage to balance a successful career as a director in a multinational company and a happy family life?

Family is what inspires me and what gives me a true motivation to keep going. I believe that one could always find time for everything and everyone he loves. If there is a will, there’s a way. It is important for me to be career active and to build myself as a good professional constantly. Despite the busy and dynamic schedule, I always have time for my loved ones.

 4. What do you find most interesting in your profession?

A very interesting question, indeed.The full answer would be very long. Therefore, a long story short, everything is interesting and all duties have their own contribution to my professional and personal growth. The range of activities is extremely wide and I will certainly miss something important if I start to list. However, what’s most valuable to me is communicating with so many different people every day.

5. What new challenges do you face every day?

There are countless challenges  which are not only a part of working in the area of people management, but are also related to various business aspects of the company’s development. For example, the biggest challenge this week was to coordinate an effective organization to prevent the spread of viral diseases so that we can ensure health and safety of our employees and their families. I believe that we did excellent and our colleagues feel taken care of, safe and secure on their working places and last but not least highly appreciated the actions we took which always gives me the satisfaction of job well done.

6. What are the challenges of being a human resources director of a company that has representatives of generations Z, Y, X and Baby Boomers?

TESY has a great variety of people. We employ different generations, we have employees with different personal, academic and professional background, we operate with people of 11 different nationalities. The secret of success is in the individual approach to each group. Definitely, all various internal events we organize for our colleagues also have a positive impact. We have the opportunity not only to work together, but also to have fun and create shared memories!

7.What sets TESY apart from other companies?

The opportunity to see your ideas come true, the opportunity to grow professionally with the company, the opportunity to get involved in projects that are very different from your daily activities, the opportunity to have your voice “heard”, the opportunity to be part of the story of a very successful- and fast growing company that is already in the top 3 manufacturers of intelligent solutions for hot water and heating in Europe.

8. What is the most important quality that every new employee TESY should have?

The social skills of all people who are part of TESY team are very important to us. What we are looking for in job candidates is energy, passion, outgoing manner, positivism, desire to work in a team.

9. What advice would you give to young people who are now looking for a job?

Let them think about what they really want to do, what would make them happy and what is the work atmosphere they are looking for. The first step is very important and shall be carefully thought of. For a young person who will take the first step in their career, it is important to be able to start in a well-established corporate environment in order to be able to see the full range of functionalities in a company. We have a special “Career Start” programme, which is designed specifically for these young people. It gives them the opportunity to work on a rotating basis in four different departments and thus find the position that will suit them best. This is a great basis for successful professional realization!