TESY took the prestigious 2nd place in the category Home appliances and 3rd place in the Bulgarian Brand category in My Love Marks rating.

This showed the results of the only consumer ranking in Bulgaria - My Love Marks 2017. According to the organizers, nearly 30,000 people took part in the ranking, nominating their favorite brands. 234 brands in 39 categories struggled to continue in the final round of the competition. TESY participated in 2 categories - Bulgarian Brand and White and Black Equipment and was ranked in both.

At TESY, we y appreciate the confidence and support of the consumers who have dedicated their time to vote and whether their assessment of a bulgarian brand, which is on the market not only in Bulgaria but also worldwide in over 50 countries on 4 continents.

My Love Marks ranking is an expression of consumers’ preferences for particular brands in various industries. It shows not only the preferences, but a true emotional attachment to particular brands that we would miss if they disappear. Our favorite brands are elected only by a ballot by the end users. Ranking features different categories, from which each participant has the opportunity to determine his favorite brand.

 Любими марки Бяла и черна техника Любими марки 2017