Between 13 and 16 March 2018 TESY took part for a seventh consecutive time in the leading international exhibition dedicated to residential and industrial solutions for heating, air conditioning and energy efficiency - MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort in Milan, Italy. The 41st edition of the industry's largest biennial fair was devoted to the essence of comfort and (R)evolution in air care, heating systems and thermal comfort in the era of renewable energy sources. Mostra Convegno Expocomfort 2018 has attracted more than 2,400 exhibitors from more than 50 countries all over the world which presented their range of products and services in the fields of heating, cooling, air care and hot water, ventilation and renewable energy sources. 162 000 visitors from around the world gathered at the biggest international industry exhibition, with a significant growth in the number of both foreign and local Italian visitors.

" Mostra Convegno in Milan 2018 is a true highlight in TESY’s business development.

The first reason is that since day one, Tuesday of this week, we had a constant flow of visitors with meaningful inquiries wanting to start business with TESY.

The second one is that this is our largest stand up to date, occupying 200 m², and with the best design as a meeting place with different areas where we can place our products in their real environment – in the living room, in the storage room - for our big tanks and heat pumps and also in the bathroom for electric water heaters. The design is fully synchronized with our corporate culture and business goals and the concept is quite different from everything we have demonstrated so far as well as from the surrounding companies that took part in this edition of Expocomfort.

Last but not least, this is the reputation and name we have built over time and, above all, our strong position over the past few years. TESY’s reputations has become even stronger over recent years and the companies that are meeting with us are opening the doors for us to enter their markets and what’s more they would not like to work under private label and with cobrands. They would like to have TESY as a brand knowing that TESY stands for innovation, design and quality. This is a true recognition for all our efforts, for everything that we have consistently been doing over the past 25 years, because this year TESY turns 25. We have really over this period built a strong name for ourselves, a name that also stand as a trustworthy business partner. We consider all this a true acknowledgment of our efforts and consistent work and we are proud of the name we have built throughout this time." - said Emmanuel Totev, Marketing, Sales and Logistics Director at TESY.

"This was our best stand so far - very different and at the same time extremely recognizable. The design created a sense of professional attitude and a warm welcome while the visitors were able to recognize the comfort of their own home. By placing our appliances in a real living environment, we clearly show a varied product range, while at the same time successfully demonstrating that the design and functionality of our products are entirely based on the needs of the consumers. The marketing manager of a large competitive company came to greet us and added that there is definitely plenty to learn from us."- adds Dimitar Vasilev, Head of the Product and Business Development Department at TESY.


At Mostra Convegno Expocomfort for the first time TESY introduced BelliSlimo - our newest and leading-edge electric water heater that meets the most supreme expectations and pioneer needs. BelliSlimo is a piece of art mix of intelligent high-tech advantages and exclusive Italian design. It raises the bar as it implements next-generation technology and delivers ultimate comfort by combining contemporary design, user-friendly electronic panel interface, Work on Demand mode and control via Internet with all distinctive TESY advanced innovations.

BelliSlimo Cloud is the first model from BelliSlimo series and is part of TESY Cloud family – a group of new wave appliances with control via Internet through tesyCloud mobile app.

The BelliSlimo model integrates easy control via Internet anywhere, anytime along with real time data and energy consumption monitoring. The ECO SMART mode ensures optimum management for low energy consumption obtaining the highest possible in its range Energy class B.

The unique Italian outlook incorporates crystal clear LCD display, touch buttons and what is more a flat slim silhouette attaining a space-saving compact size which ensures easy mounting according to various needs.

Indeed, a very intelligent electric water heater due to its Work on Demand mode, the exceedingly quick first shower option, the reverse counter, easy weekly programming possibilities and last, but not least the Vacation mode. BelliSlimo is reversible and appears both as a horizontal and a vertical piece of art for everyone’s taste and space.