TESY Ltd. received the award "Innovative Enterprise of 2020" - a category that debuted in the annual awards for inventors and innovators of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Innovative Enterprise Award of 2020

On December 8, 2021, the Patent Office held its annual award ceremony for Bulgarian scientists and inventors in the categories "Inventor of the Year", "Breeder of the Year" and "Innovative Enterprise of the Year".

The co-organizers of the event were the Union of Inventors in Bulgaria and the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The ceremony took place in the building of the Patent Office, and the public was part of the celebration by joining the live event virtually and watching the video features of the nominees and the awarding of the winners.

Greetings to the participants in the ceremony were given by Professor Vladya Borisova, Chairman of the Patent Office of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The award on behalf of TESY was given to Tsvetomir Tsankov, Director of Business Unit Electric Boilers, personally by the President of the BCCI, Tsvetan Simeonov.

We are extremely happy and inspired that the award in the debut category "Innovative Enterprise" for 2020, went to TESY.

The people of TESY are open to innovation, thirsty for knowledge and inspired to create.
Proof of this are the three patents granted in 2020 for innovative solutions:

  •      Method and system for ultrasonic testing of water containers
  •      High energy efficient water heater and method for its production - INSUTECH
  •      Highly efficient heat exchanger

We are changing the status quo by using the latest technologies for superior functionality and impressive design.

This high recognition in the field of innovation and the creation of modern solutions for warmth and comfort is an exceptional honor for the entire TESY team.