For a consecutive year, Frankfurt, Germany, hosted the biggest exhibition focused on the responsible management of water and energy in buildings - ISH 2019 between 11 and 15 March. It is deemed one of the most important events in the sector on a global scale. It is held every 2 years and is not only a presentation platform, but also a place for the setting of new design and functionality trends for the modern appliances. Furthermore, ISH sets the trends for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technologies, as well as intelligent home systems.

As a leading European manufacturer of water heaters, heating appliances and indirectly heated storage tanks, TESY compulsorily attends such fora and provides its considerable contribution to the development of the industry. For the 8th consecutive time, this year it took part and presented all its new products and technological solutions in line with the global trends.

Arranging for the first time a 200 sq. m. stand at ISH, TESY presented its main product ranges, and the visitors could feel the actual atmosphere of convenience and comfort of #TESYHome and look at the products in a real living environment starting from the bathroom, through the living-room, to the kitchen, where lots of them recognized themselves and their own homes. On the two opposite sides, there were situated two places, where the visitors could test the appliances of the TESY Cloud family, indulging in the comfort provided by the opportunity to control their appliances at any time and from all over the world.

For the first time, TESY presented to the German market its new electric water heater Bellislimo, providing an opportunity for a quick first shower thanks to its two water tanks, and characterized by the exceptionally elegant Italian design, which is ideal for confined spaces due to its compact size, and ensure maximum energy efficiency, because all models are of class B – the highest in this this category of electric appliances. The models of BelliSlimo are of 30 to 100 liters. BelliSlimo, of course, possesses lots of other advantages: control via the internet, smart operation in the ECO SMART mode, which examines the needs of the user and adapts to them, Boost function, which, as needed, provides maximum power to heat the water to the maximum temperature, as well as the reverse counter and the vacation mode. BelliSlimo is reversible and can be installed both horizontally and vertically and the display adapts pursuant to the type of the installation, so as to ensure the optimum user experience – easily and intuitively.

TESY also presented its new series of electric water heaters BiLight Smart, part of the big product family BiLight, which is the most diverse and frequently preferred one. The BiLight Smart series offers the smart operation mode ECO SMART, thanks to which the water heater examines the habits of its users and adapts its operation to their real needs, providing the necessary quantity of hot water at the right time. Its serial production will be launched soon. The new Anticalc was presented in all its splendor, with an entirely renewed design and even better protection for regions with hard water.

One of the innovations was the new model electric heater MaxEau Ceramic with an inbuilt coil. This model, available with volume of 150 and 200 liters, is ideal for integration with systems using alternative energy sources.

On the other hand, the visitors could also have a direct look at the new heat pump of TESY, characterized by an enhanced operational capacity and energy class A +. The heat pump is also supplied with a new generation display visualizing the whole operational mode, which makes it considerably simpler and more user-friendly. Mario Tronto, Category Manager Heat Pumps at TESY is presenting the latest innovations for this appliances. Watch the video here:  

Information of all innovations and of the brand and the whole product range of TESY is available on our website - and in our social network accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

For TESY, the ISH 2019 edition ended up as a definite success. Once again, this event provided an exceptional opportunity for meetings with professionals from all over the world, exchanging experience and finding points of contact for future business relations. The team of the company reinforced the numerous existing contacts and laid the foundations of new potential partnerships, lavishing in praises about the design approach of the exposition both from familiar people and companies and from those who had the pleasure to discover the emotion of TESY for the first time.