TESY’s statement on the military conflict between Russia and Ukraine

Dear Partners,

As a multinational company, we at TESY strongly disapprove of the continuing military invasion on the
territory of Ukraine and concur with the international community appeal for peace.

Due to the ensuing uncertainties, we have temporarily suspended all product deliveries and sales operations
in Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia until the resolution of the current situation.

Meanwhile, we are very concerned about our people, their families and all of those who are experiencing
the terror and consequences of war.

We are in constant communication with the TESY employees and have offered all the assistance that they
may need. For our team in Ukraine this includes but is not limited to relocation, food and shelter. To the
colleagues in Russia we have provided assurance that we are guaranteeing their employment terms and
conditions during this time of uncertainty.

We have donated electric water heaters, heating and domestic appliances for the furnishing of housings for
Ukrainian refugees in Bulgaria. We are also in communication with government institutions and
non-governmental organisations to help them cater for the immediate needs of refugees, also offering
various employment opportunities at TESY.

To the extent that our upstream supply chain has not been directly impacted by the military conflict, our
production and sales operations in other markets remain stable.

We are closely monitoring the dynamics of the situation and are taking proactive measures to ensure normal
business continuity.

Finally, we are hoping for a fast resolution and that peace will ultimately prevail.

Keep safe,

The TESY Company Management