Managers, experts, innovators and educators presented their views on topics associated with the industry and education maintained nationwide. TESY received an invitation from the organizers to share experience regarding the level of automation within the Bulgarian industry. Mr. Desislav Dimitrov, Director of „Strategic Investment Projects“ at TESY participated in a panel discussion providing insights into the following topic: „Industrial technologies applied in Bulgaria“ and by presenting his expert opinion outlined the new
opportunities for „smart“ production and industrial innovations. Mr. Dimitrov introduced the audience and his interlocutors to the challenges and key stages throughout the implementation of robots in the company‘s productions. The significant contribution of the high technologies used to optimize production processes and increase capacity was reported. Positive output marked the end of the discussion wherein significant level of optimism has been declared by all participants revealing a clear statement that Bulgarian industrial companies do not fall behind their Western competitors in terms of innovation and development. TESY ranks among the leaders in this regard