BiLight with a classic heat exchanger

Product code   Model Real Volume Rated power Diameter    
GCVS 80 44 20 B11 TSRC BiLight 80 SE 81 L 2000 W 440 mm Details
GCVS 100 44 20 B11 TSRC BiLight 100 SE 98 L 2000 W 440 mm Details
GCVS(L) 120 44 20 B11 TSRCP BiLight 120 SE 118 L 2000 W 440 mm Details
GCVS(L) 15044 20 B11 TSRCP BiLight 150 SE 140 L 2000 W 440 mm Details

The electric water heaters of the BiLight range with inbuilt heat exchanger /serpentine/ are a product solution for utilization of alternative sources of heat energy such as solar thermal collectors, gas-burning and solid fuel boilers. The range offers electric water heaters with storage capacity of 80 to 150 litres.

  • Inbuilt heat exchanger (serpentine)
  • PISTON EFFECT for supervision of the speed of incoming water and increase of the hot water amount with up to 15%
  • INSUTECH - an in-house TESY technology for highly efficient insulation and extremely low heat losses
  • BiLight indication for easy and fast recognition of the work modes
  • Electric on/off switch
  • Freeze protection
  • Glass-ceramic coating for corrosion protection
  • Plasma-arc welding of the water tank for extended useful life

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