Interview with Tanya Peychinova, “Human Resources” Director

What is the strategy that TESY implements as far as the company employees are concerned?

Our principal goal is to be a preferred employer in all directions, in which TESY has teams. Being a leading company, we invest in the people, in their training and development, as well as in new technologies.

Is there a special employee program for the further promotion of their professional development?

All employees are entitled to participate in training programs, intended to build up skills or to obtain new qualifications. We have 4 groups at the Manager Academy, which is oriented to the medium and senior management of the company. The other trainings are dedicated to the development of the business and presentation skills, business communication, etc. We organize courses for welders and motor truck operators, which can be attended by all those, who would like to acquire new qualifications. We also support the obtaining of new educational degrees. We have enrolled certain of our employees in masters programs in engineering or MBA programs at prestigious universities. Furthermore, the employees have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge by being involved into corporate projects in fields other than their everyday work. We are currently introducing the KAIZEN methodology and a considerable part of the employees take part in the project, as well as in programs for successful practices exchange with our international partners.

Have you planned any innovative initiatives in the area of human resources to be introduced during the subsequent years and, if yes, what are these initiatives?

The innovation is one of the three main values of TESY. We are trying to be innovative and leading not only in respect of our products, but also in the functioning and the activity of each of the departments. Currently, we are developing an internal communication project, which is associated with new technological solutions for exchange of information with the production departments, as well as with an extremely modern and functional design. Another of our projects is related to the robot kindergarden that was established at TESY and the training to operate them provided not only to the employees of TESY, but also to students and pupils in technical studies.

Do you take active part in international career forums? What do you think of these, do you manage to find suitable specialists there?

TESY is the official sponsor of the career events organized by the Bulgarian Career Forum in England and Germany. We are proud of the successful examples of young people we have met at such events and who are already part of our team and pursue a successful career. We also have students at prestigious European universities, who carry out their traineeship at our company during the summer and subsequently we continue our cooperation with them at a distance. This makes us happy, because we believe in the long-term partnership and we are aware how important it is to “sparkle the enthusiasm”, as well as to keep it alive.

Recently, lots of companies suffer from the lack of specialists and their constant turnover. Do you face such problems and how do you manage to solve them?

We are proud of our stable team.  1/3 of the team of TESY has worked for the company for more than 10 years. For lots of our employees, TESY is the first employer and they have developed their careers within the company. Our company is in constant development and is opening new representation offices in other countries, and hence, our team is growing in terms of numbers year on year, which is also the reason to look for new specialists willing to join the company.

Are there any CSR initiatives, in which the company employees are actively involved?

We take part in certain charitable initiatives as the Drumev days, which are organized in Shumen every year. Another project that is important to us and in which we participate as a partner, is the initiative: “With a belt in the back seat”. The project has educational goals and is oriented to the pupils of the primary schools – 1 to 4 grades. We have an annual basketball tournament and a football team, which takes part in various championships. For the second consecutive year, we participated in the Legion Run!   We also organize lots of corporate parties and team-building initiatives. We love to have fun together!


Source: ICAP Magazine