TESY at “BG Career Fairs” exhibition in London

For another year, TESY is the main partner of the BG Career Fairs exhibition for Bulgarians studying and working outside of Bulgaria. We strongly believe and share the mission of the organizers to present Bulgaria as a great opportunity for quality professional realization.

On March 9, 2019, this year’s first event took place in London, where representatives of TESY met with Bulgarians living and studying in the United Kingdom. Both career programs for young professionals and vacancies for experienced people were presented.

Bozhidar Isaev, Human Resources Specialist shared his impressions: “We look at this career forum in the long run. For us this is a cause that we support and through which we want to show young people that there are many opportunities for career development in Bulgaria. Anyway, let’s talk about how TESY can help them as a company with development programs for young professionals.”

TESY will take part in the exhibitions in Germany, Cologne on 13 April 2019 and Munich on 11 May 2019.