TESY Clean Air Campaign won award at IAB MIXX Awards 2018

TESY Air Index Initiative won the bronze award at the most prestigious festival of digital communication in Bulgaria, IAB MIXX Awards, this year. The awarded campaign was developed in close cooperation between TESY and Noble Graphics Advertising Agency, which partners with the company for establishing a more modern and efficient communication model.

The innovative website, TESY Air Index, teams up with the citizens in Bulgaria in the fight against polluted air, by offering discount for selected TESY appliances every time when particulate levels in the atmosphere exceed admissible limits. The reason for this is the fact that using solid fuel for heating in winter is the major source of air pollution, and the intelligent heating appliances manufactured by TESY are a means for finding a smart solution of this problem.

TESY’s intention to not just offer quality products but also to actively support improvement of everyday life and living conditions of its customers was well appreciated, and the bronze award in the „Landing Page” category further fueled the company strive towards even better results.